Comprehensive market research

What is included in a typical Comprehensive market research project

  • 01 Indepth unpaid cold interviews
  • 02 Indepth paid intertviews
  • 03 Secondary/desktop research
  • 04 Field research
  • 05 Insights analysis and consolidation
  • 06 Reports and presentations preparation

01 Indepth unpaid cold interviews

Typically our analysts conduct 20-30 indepth (20+ minutes length) phone interviews for each project and each region with leading experts to obtain answers to even most sophisticated questions. And these are totally 'expert-honorarium-free' interviews.

02 Indepth paid intertviews

This includes all basic expert-network services (experts finding and recruiting), interview conduction by our analysts and interview write-ups preparations. These could be both telephone or face-to-face interviews.

03 Secondary/desktop research

We find, verify, consolidate and analyze the information from any available secondary (and often primary) sources. This may start from some basic sources like various articles and reports that can be obtained free-of-charge and end-up with some sophisticated paid-sources or some sensative (or even confidential) market-players reports and data.

04 Field research

Our 10+ years consulting experience has tought us a simple rule - never traid or skip field-research. Our analysts team is available for conducting field-visits and research at any geography.

05 Insights analysis and consolidation

All the insights and data found by our analysts are then analyze by Senior Insighter team members who are then in charge of coming up with consolidated conclusions and recommendations.

06 Reports and presentations preparation

Typically we not only consololidate and bring the information and recomendations for furter End-Client's report preparation, but bring all that in a comprehensive report or selected presentation slides formats according to each unique Client's unique design and format requirements.

Comprehensive research is usually a part of our following services:

  1. Market entry and sales strategy;
  2. Due diligence on companies or products;
  3. Market assessments and product launches etc.
  4. SValue perception and prcicing;

What do the Cliennts get

  • Dedicated team of 2-4 Analysts, supervised by Insighter's Project Manager or Partner
  • World top standard of market research All Insighter seniors are people from Management consulting industry with 10+ years of experience working for World Leading consulting houses
  • Daily EOD (end of the day) reporting and catch up calls
  • Multilingual Insighter interviewers speaking English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Ukrainian and other languages
  • Personalized and flexible approach, which allows us to timely respond to any changes or new tasks

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